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Extra Curricular Activities

We encourage the children to join some of the many ‘out of hours’ school activities organised through the goodwill of Staff.  
Some of these activities take place during lunch time, but many take place after School hours.  Children are asked to give their parents at least twenty-four hours' notice when they know they will be staying late to attend an activity.  Occasionally, visits are organised for individual classes or groups of children and parents are always notified of these visits well in advance.
Out-of-school activities are voluntary, both for the child and for the teacher.  The School values greatly the dedication of the staff without whom much of this varied curriculum would be lost.
Lunch time clubs:
Homework Club (by invite and first 20).
Reading Buddy Club - year 3 and 6. Thursday and Friday.
After School clubs:
Football (Wednesdays)
Art club.
After Christmas:
Mindfulness Club (by invite) every Wednesday.
Language Club (tbd on day).
Drama Club.
Fit Club.
Coming up in the Spring and Summer Terms
Gardening Club
Outdoor Education Club